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 [RP] The Blood Lords Sacrefice

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PostSubject: [RP] The Blood Lords Sacrefice   Sun Feb 21, 2010 1:56 pm

((Copied from Defars post conserning myself leaving wow for a while - Plotlines to destroy the Lich king from within, story recapp will be written later))

Alright, children of darkness, gather around and take to knees please

My task take a deeper path in our plot against the litch king. To go there, we need to battle our way there. At arms children, we have souls to reap!

Nershaan glares down into the abyss

Nershaan pours down some dust from his pouch, making a circle while chanting

Gather around children

Now, to my task ahead. I will give up this rotten flesh and enter the world of shadows and spirits. Deep down in this abyss lies the souls of which the litch king has reaped.
In spirit i shall corrupt and free them, and with the combined strenghts of the order and the thousands of souls freed, we shall crush the litch king in such a manner that his essence will never renew.
I bid you all farewell friends and comerades. You have all and everyone made me proud to be your leader. I will miss you all...

Darkness Keep you ALL!!!
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[RP] The Blood Lords Sacrefice
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