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 The revitalization of an old guild!

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PostSubject: The revitalization of an old guild!    Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:31 am

Greetings everyone!

This will be my first post on this forum since - well, what has to be around 4-5 years now.

As many of you may have gotten word of now, is that i aim to revitalize the guild - perhaps not to our most active days, but to our "days of glory" if you may. The time when we were primarily a social platform where people hung out, having fun - doing fun stuff together. Battlegrounds was our primary concern, but we did a little of everything else on the sides.

The guild i seek to create now, is a guild for adults - a guild where we use this game to keep in touch and have some social funzies - but fully aware that we're "all grown up now" and have other priorities and commitments to take care of. In other words, the guild will be highly casual and with a broad understanding of the fact that people cant play all the time and that unforseen things do just come up at times. If you need some time off, let us know and there will be no questions asked.

I also seek to fill the guild with as many of our "oldies" i can get my hands on - to try get as much of the "old feeling" back, as a standard for new members to reach for. I am also considering setting an age limit to the guild, at least 20 years old? Yes? No? We can discuss this Razz

Well, this is it for now when it comes to information. More will come as progress is made.

Hope to see "ya'll" again soon!

- Fendoor
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The revitalization of an old guild!
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