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 - The End -

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PostSubject: - The End -   Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:06 pm

Hello folks!

I will try to keep it short this, and for those of you who peek into this website from time to time, you might understand what this is all about.

Myself, Zantix and Makhail - have all cancelled our wow accounts. Its been 6 long long years, many many years of enjoyment, laughter, tears and joy - this guild and the people in it has been the only reason why our time in this game has been as enjoyable as it has. From "elitists" to the more chilling dudes, you've all made this guild what it was. This guilds history is long, actually Noctem were one of the very few of the oldest remaining guilds on this server.

However, for us, the time has come to call it quits. I am myself done studying, Zantix is about to finish off her Master - the next chapter of our life begins. We're packing our bags and moving down south in Norway, more spesificly Oslo. This game has given us much, but now as our life takes a new turn, we need to focus more of our energy into our real life than our game life. The day only has 24 hours, which only means our gaming life will have to suffer for it.

A few things for the future however, for those of you who still want to keep in touch.

My full name is Per Christian Stevens, there aint many of us on Facebook - so for those of you who like, you can add me there. If you want to add me on Facebook, write a small comment in the request about who you were in WoW so i'll recognize you ;P

At the time we're 3 from Noctem playing EvE Online. For those of you who dont know it, its an MMO which is (believe it or not) older than WoW. Its incredible 8+ years old, a sci-fi game for the specially interested, which demands much much less of your time to play. The three playing it is myself, Makhail and Danny (Soulrender) - We've created the Corperation "Noctem Industry" - anyone and everyone of you in this guild is very much welcome there should you deside to try it out...however, its a hard and quite unforgiving game (compared to wow), so as said - its for the specially interested.

Star Wars - The old Republic is not far away, myself and makhail will almost certainly try it out once it comes online. I've already registered the guild name "Noctem" on the side of Light and my username on their forums is "Ulfgaar". This time i'll play in the side of "good" - even tho the sith, as the Horde, are way cooler ;P
Once there, we'll give more details about the what and where of our plans.

But as of now, we're not coming back to wow. We'll remember what it was and not nesecerily what it became. Real life is 90% of the reason why we're quitting now, but there is a good 10% which is due to the changes to the game, the attitude of the general wow population and the way the game is developing. Its caused us to not enjoy the game as much as we used to, and we're not really wanting to pay for a game which we dont enjoy to play anymore. I think many of you already know this even before i left.

But, as said - we remember the good times, and this website will be standing till its put down or elsewise gets clodded with spams. We remember the game for what it was, the people we enjoyed playing it with, the people who made Noctem what it was. You all have given us so much over the past 6 years, and its something we'll treasure.

So, this is good bye folks - We wish you all the best of what life can offer you.

"The earthmother watches over you"

bb folks Crying or Very sad


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- The End -
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