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 Making a vid!

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PostSubject: Making a vid!   Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:35 am

Hey all!

About a week ago i had a creative moment. And i had some idea's about making a vid about Noctem. Its not a pvp movie or anything like that. Its based on a song (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A-WpcduaH4)

Ive got the whole idea ready. Just need to get the details worked out.

Will write down what ive got in mind.

I made a little intro of the Noctem sign. After this Asmo his face shows up. Its the idea that Asmo has got a task for the guild, to kill a male human. Asmo will be walking to a inn, somewhere in duskwood(creapy area heh). you see him sneaking in. and a shot of the Male human and his wife.

Then there will be random shots of the members of Noctem. fighting/healing. Just remember it will be movie-ish. So for example, it will be nice having a shot of chris on Fendoor, leading the guild in a fight. Seeing mak or any other healer kneeling next to one of our guildmembers, which is dead on the ground. and the healer will ress that person. Or seeing dahunt/scaret shooting an arrow and see a human(played by one of us) drop on the ground. Those kind of shots if you get me. Its not a long song, so we only got time for a few fast shots.

Then all of a sudden there will be a scream. which comes from the wife of the male Human. i will make a shot of her kneeling next to her dead husband. and somehow ill try to edit the noctem sign into his forhead. like asmo did cut it with his dagger.

Then, in some way, asmo will give a sign to the guild that they have to come. maybe i could make the cut of the Noctem mark into the humans forhead, light up or something. like its calling all the guildmembers. Have to think this part through still

Ok then the 2nd part starts, which might end up really epic. It will be around 1:12 of the song

Fendoor will be the one that gets the call from asmo his sign. and by that he will ride as fast as he can on his mount. (think of one of those Duskwoods main roads) Riding fast fast. different kind of shots from him. Then there will be a shot of Fendoor in front of him, still riding on his mount. Then when you hear the voices in the song, i would like Makhail and Zantix to join Fendoor. Both comming from a side. so you will have a line of you 3 then. The song will repeat the voices a couple of times. Every time when that happends, there should be joining 2 members of Noctem. Which will in the end bring us around 16 people. Imagen all those people walking like 1 group with this song on the background

Still thinking about the end. Not sure about it yet but im working on that

I hope you all like the idea and like helping me with creating it. When its finished i will place it on youtube. then you can look it up whenever.

I already got the people ready that want to help me with the first part of Asmo. So thats fine. But then i need you guys for the important part of the movie. The little shots of fighting/healing. And the rush on the mounts.

Hope we can do this someday soon!

PS, if my english is slacky, im a bit tiredish!
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PostSubject: Re: Making a vid!   Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:23 pm

I for one had no problems imagening this, and im all game for it.

Noctem has its older history with RP so some of our older members should have their "dark and gloomy" armor RP sets still.

When it comes to Makhail and Zantix, i believe they still have their "dark Templar" outfits. For paladins the recipie is real simple. LvL 60 BG epics, cept they change the shoulders for he "darkcrest" shoulders which are random green world drops with random stats. but the look is very nice.

Fendoor has a wide range of RP sets to use, so i guess we'll come up with something.

Got a few tips for nice sets for Åsmo aswell, which is quite easy to obtain


(we got a thread alrady for it Smile )
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Making a vid!
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