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PostSubject: Proffesions/crafting   Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:11 pm

thought i shoyuld put up a thread like this. i only got 1 85 atm but ill get more eventually, but iv used quite some hours to lvl some of my toons proffs to service the guild.
atm i got:

Encahnt 500 (Anogra) - im lvling as fast as possible, but it would be GREAT if ppl could send me greens/bue/mats ect so i can lvl faster to be a guild enchanter. iv allready added soon close to 30 scrolls with enchants into the GB for free use for guildys at lvl 85 (dont wast em on green items though)

Blacksmith 525 (Makhail) - maxed out, buying plans as i get mats, poke me for crafts or just mail me with mats and order

Jewlcrafting 491 (makhail) - not so high atm and only blue gem i can cut is +40 dodge atm, but ill get more gems as time goes as i need 3 days for each gem plan. iv added some green gems to GB for free use for guildys. ill add some more green gems as i craft em (last pattern drop was +int/spirit, nice for healers)

Alchemy 525 (Grazul) - maxed out and started to transmute truegold. atm im using the transmute to fund the craft of some epic tanking gear. later ill use em to gear up our healers, then our dps.

Chaos orbs:
BoP and shouldnt be taken by anyone who cant use it in their proff. Atm i honestly say that gearing our healers and tanks are more important then the individual gearing of dps as a good geared tank and healer team can outlast most bosses as no bosses iv seen have any enrage timers, but i wont tell ya to NOT need on it to gear urself up, but rather that u think what would be the best for the guild.
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PostSubject: Re: Proffesions/crafting   Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:07 pm

Nice post, but this is a subject of a bit more importance than "general chat" king

So suggest you go and update this thread here. cheers
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