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 - Noctem Vs Faction Bosses -

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PostSubject: - Noctem Vs Faction Bosses -   Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:02 pm

Noctem Vs King Wrynn

From the left: Zikori, Zantix, Scaret, Krogar, Dorutan and Exomortimus in front (6 manned)

Noctem Vs Lady Whisperwind

From the left: Elryia, Zikori, Dorutan, Krogar, Scaret, Tarkur, Zantix and Exomortimus in front. (8 manned)

Noctem Vs Profet Velen

From the left: Zantix, Zikori, Krogar, Elryia, Dorutan, Scaret, Tarkur and Exomortimus in front. (8 manned)

Noctem Vs High Tinker Mekkatorque

On picture: Krogar, Scaret, Zantix and Zikori's mounts hoofs (8 manned) (Just passing by this bugger so he dont deserve more *spits on gnomes*)

Magni Bronzebeard to come...
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- Noctem Vs Faction Bosses -
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