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 Zantix and Krogar temporarily awayishness

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PostSubject: Zantix and Krogar temporarily awayishness   Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:45 am

Right, on the coming friday me and Zan will travel southwards in Norway to spend some time with our parents. First one week with my parents before a second week at hers. That is two weeks where you will not see us online. We're back "home" were we live (Tromsø) the 1st of july again, however not fully back in bussiness. Zantix is heavily involved with the peace-stuff organization called CISV and will be having a delegation of brazillians visiting us for 3 whole weeks. Not all the kids in that delegation, but we'll be "fostering" their "adult in charge" - so Zan will be quite busy for the 3 next weeks after that...AAAAND after that she'll be having another CISV friend from Thailand visiting for some small week. I will ofc be bit more online during this period as i have really nothing to do what all that stuff - but since i will be working as much as i can to save up some money, i cant promise anything too fancy.

Im posting this here to just give you peeps a heads up about me and Zan being away for quite some time, but that we'll be back and rocking again after the summer.

We hope to see as many of you still being here when we get back, but we ofc expect that nothing big has changed much in Noctems summer routines meaning that we know people will be moving onwards to another guildperhaps. To those we'd like to thank for the time you spendt here and that your most welcome back whenever you like.

For those staying, we hope you manage to entertain yourself in our absence (you know what i mean) and we do encourage those who stay on during the summer to feel free to arrange stuff on behalf of the guild. If you happen to have an aspiering raidleader in your belly, battleground commander or an RP-mastermind, feel free to take the time now to step up to the task and see if you got legs to walk on.

Untill our return, have a fantastic summer! Be outside, be with your friends and families - and if you dont have any, go out and get some. Atleast for all of us northlings, we have enough winter to stay inside and game around, summer is precious and should be enjoyed to its length Very Happy

Have fun guys! Catch you laters cheers

(PS: Happy birthday Elryia and Goreaxe - two people who has birthday during the period we'll be gone! Check calendar for more spesific dates(calendar on website))
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Zantix and Krogar temporarily awayishness
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