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 if you could change something about wow what would it be?

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PostSubject: if you could change something about wow what would it be?   Sat May 08, 2010 10:09 am

for me personally i want it to be as hard as when wotlk came out to get the good gear
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PostSubject: Re: if you could change something about wow what would it be?   Sat May 08, 2010 11:53 am

That when TBC came out, there was upgraded BGs, the horde and alliance blacksmiths and weaponcrafters have brought new weaponry, armor and warmachines to deploy onto the battlefield. PvP gear that were destinctivly made for each faction. In other words, the really heavy PvP gear. New tactical aspects of the battleground with appointed officers and squadleaders opening other tactical tools to navigate and bring victory for your faction. (Battlefield 2 style thing - squadleader appoints orders to his squad on map, which everyone in the squad can see on their map. Doing the objective gives extra credit which you can save up and use to buy more heavy PvP gear and access to warmachines. Same with BG commanders which gives orders to the squadleaders again - but the commander can also call in siege support such as catapult barrage, not far from BF2's artillery strike).

Arena is ofc introduced, only as an type of sporting event. It has its own gear, which is specialized towards fast killings, and not survivability.

The difference between the Arena and BG gear would be much the same as the difference of gear between the old roman legions and the roman gladiators.

Gladiator armor and weapon:
Very litle armor to be very agile and quick, also to give the spectators as much blood and gore when and if one of them was struck. Shoulderpads, leg and arm plates. Funky looking helmets. Wide array of "impressive" looking weapons. Low stam and high power output gear.

BG gear:
The gear thats crafted to make war with, ranging from heavy cloth, heavy hides to heavy plates. Full cover armor, with high stam and an fairly high poweroutput (not as high as arena but close to). This is the gear thats ment to take a good deal of beating and last for a while. The best of what each faction can produce to ensure victory for their side. Alliance gear very shiny, sleek and beautifully engraved, while horde gear is extremely brutich, spiky and obivously made by the hands of beastly creatures.

--- Rewards ---

Arena would be about much of what the old roman gladiator bussiness was about. Its showbussiness, with alot of fame, titles and money. The Arena would be a spectator sport, where people cold enter the arena and spectate on each match..it would be a "gambling" type of utility there, where you can bet some gold on which gladiator is to win. The winners of the bet get an extra lump of money for betting right, and the winning gladiator gets a fair sum of money for winning also. Being high ranked in Arena will give you titles and rewards that is unique for Arena. Ranging from weapons, armor, titles, mounts, money and not to say "fame". Fame is how well you do among the other players, how well liked you are - and it will be a critical thing in Arena as your Fame rating makes certain gear avaliable for you. fame is gained by winning, and a small amount of extra fame can be given by the spectators if they like your fight or you as a person, the extra fame is ofc only minor, but helps out.

Battlegrounds is the focus of this game (or should be) - as the game has always been about the massive classes between the factions and their common enemies. THIS - is where war is waged. New massive maps according to the current storyline. The invasion of outland...one BG would be a large part of Hellfire Peninsula, the battle between Thrallmar and Honor hold. BGs would have their own ranks, titles, ranked weapons and armor. To obtain this gear there isnt just honor needed - but honor and a certain rank (almost like vanilla times). To obtain a rank there is a list of certain goals that needs to be fullfilled. Such as moving from scout to a grunt, you have to perform duties which are set by your rank.

- you get certain scout utilities of which you need to use in the BG to be able to gain rankpoints. As a scout you will have the utility to mark enemy movements on the map for the commander. You will be the commanders eyes and ears. This along side a list of demands needs to be fullfilled before you can rise to the rank of Grunt.

- Your the foot soldier of the war, front line fighter and as such the rank of which whom most in the game would be. You have no special ability, but as the rank of grunt you have now unlocked the basic war armor and weapons for your class and race. This armor is quite heavy and brutish - made for war and close combat fighting. To rise to the next rank you'll need to serve as certain time as a grunt, gain objective points which is sendt down from the commander, to the squadleader to yourself. Being part of the squad when it completes its orders gives you extra points.

There will also be unique ranks avaliable to certain class/specc types. Such as "medic" types for the resto/holy speccs. Only avaliable to use while in that certain specc, only if you have obtained it ofc. Bezerker for warriors, assassin for rogues, marksman for hunters ect ect ect - These unique titles will unlock unique armor sets, with colourschemes and stats that will portray the way you "like to fight".

and so on and so forth...

The rank system of the BGs will work so that your highest rank is the one that counts when its conserns buying weapons and armor, but you can chose to be any lower rank aswell after. Such as you can be an commander, but chose to be a scout, performing scout duties and such. But to rise above your current rank, you'll need to perform the demands of your highest rank. If a BG has a many commanders, the "apply for commander" tool will kick in, where those wanting to command can apply. The server will then pick 1 random out of these applying to be the battles commander.. This said person can ofc chose to give another commander the "commanding" duties. The commander will have a wide list of "duties" which he can do to rise in rank, even tho not able to command too much, so you dont get set back for not commanding.

All officer types will get an extra health and power buff, making them extra hard to kill. This also ofc brings with it that if they are killed, their killers will get extra score. Killing enemy officers have always been a nice thing to do in all wars.

In short - i wish blizzard really gave some work into the BGs rather than going the simple way and chosing to make Arena the be-all of wow PvP even tho it has absolutely no meaning whatsoever for the lore and wars of he game. These are just some ideas which could have been used, and improved ofc, which i belive would make this game ALOT better and ALOT more fun.
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PostSubject: 0_o   Wed May 19, 2010 8:28 pm

Kroggy for prez!

No seriously, throw out the current pvp section at blizz and put in Krogar - awesome ideas.
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PostSubject: Re: if you could change something about wow what would it be?   

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if you could change something about wow what would it be?
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