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 Easter Cleaning Dissaster (ECD)

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PostSubject: Easter Cleaning Dissaster (ECD)   Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:15 pm

Right - Me and Zan are getting visitors tonight so we desided to clean house, as we do when we get visitors. In that houseclean includes a mop up of my computer, which basicly just is removing what dust i can get lose from the computer fans. And operation i've done hundreds of times before - however this time something apparently has gone wrong.

Once done i connect the computer again and start it up, which normally is no problem. This time however, my screens colours are totally fucked up, looks like my computer is on some Acid trip - and i simply conlcuded that "this aint good". The good thing is that all the programs seems to be working as windows started up normally and all that, cept for looking totally crazy with its new "colourscheme". At first i thought it was the screen itself and tried checking he menu, but the menu pops up in all its normal colours and nothing is distorted, so its not the screen itself.

So, my guess is that its the video/graphics card - and i wont start tinkering with that myself.

Im happy i bought a stationary computer now, since i need to get it down to the computer store for repairs, which is alot easier and usually cheaper than with laptops.

But, in short - i wont be online for quite a while i guess :/

So, happy hunting and all that - see you in a few weeks.
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Easter Cleaning Dissaster (ECD)
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