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 hacked and lost most of my chars

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PostSubject: hacked and lost most of my chars   Fri Feb 12, 2010 2:43 pm

yeah. i logged on today and guess what i found out? yup i have been hacked
lost 6 chars and all my items
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PostSubject: Re: hacked and lost most of my chars   Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:11 pm

Think this calls for a ticket to blizzard....that sucks hard, brutal and any other bad nasty word you can think of. *pouts*

*whispers Elryia* - is our bank secure?!
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PostSubject: Re: hacked and lost most of my chars   Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:40 am

Get an authenticator! It makes you sleep like a baby.

I am quoting a friend shamelessly:

Due to the recent (and not so recent) hackings of the guildbank I have decided to make this topic to inform all of us on how and where to get a token (and how much it costs). There seem to be many questions about these mythical devices.

What exactly IS an authenticator you ask? Well I will try to explain.

An authenticator is a device or program which will provide security for your Battle.net account. It comes in two flavors:

The physical token:

The mobile authenticator:

Both of these versions use the same technique. The authenticator will generate a random code which you will need to enter after you have entered your normal password on the WoW login screen. You will get a new dialogue box looking like this:

After you have entered the code you will be logged in and you can play as usual.

Before you can use the authenticator however, you need to activate it. You can active the authenticator on the account management page on the Battle.net site. You will register your authenticator there by using the serial number on the back of the physical token, or the code from the mobile version. Now your account is linked with the authenticator.

The authenticator protects your account with this code. Your authenticator is synchronised with the authentication server from Blizzard. This means that the code you get from the token is also know by Blizzard (and only Blizzard). The mobile version of the authenticator will need to be synchronized manually, the physical version comes synchronized out of the box.

Now if somebody would come to know your password, they cannot login! The login procedure now requires the token code and only you know that! (unless somebody was to come to your home and steal your token from you)

There is however still one way you could get hacked, but it is very unlikely. The only way would be for a website posing as the Battle.net account management or Armory asking for you to login with your password and an authenticator code. The hacker could then (in theory) use that code (within one minute, after that the code is useless) login to your account and then raid it. In this case the hacker could only log in once because he would need a new code every time.

What does an authenticator cost?
Well there is the good news! It's not that expensive!
The physical authenticator will cost you €6,99 (NO SHIPPING FEES!).
The mobile version will cost you €0,99! (without additional provider costs if any).
And if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch it's free! Yes, FREE!

So what are you waiting for? For the guild's sake, and for your own, buy an authenticator!
- Not expensive!
- Easy to use!
- Virtually 100% safety for your account!

P.s. Bare in mind that future Blizzard games will need to be added to your Battle.net account. If your account were to be hacked, the hacker would also have all your Blizzard games!

P.p.s. You will also get this here cuty:
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PostSubject: Re: hacked and lost most of my chars   

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hacked and lost most of my chars
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