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 new wow UI

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Dark Templar

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PostSubject: new wow UI   Mon Dec 21, 2009 8:36 pm

thats my new UI, if it looks interesting and u want something simelar, poke me and ill make a list of addons.

what i forgot to include in the pic is the target i got is in a simelar and just as large fram right next to my own. casting bars are on the sieds (mine on left, target on right) with focused target bar large and on the middle of screen. i made my frames only show my debuffs and dispellable buffs on target, and buffs are up top of its fram, not at bottom Very Happy

if interested i can make another screenshot showing this:D

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PostSubject: Re: new wow UI   Mon Dec 21, 2009 10:04 pm

This is mine, I recently tweaked it. It has usability over looks, but its pretty tidy I think Smile

The addons I use and their rough locations:

Unitframes: Shadowed Unitframes (Party, Char, Target, Target of target, target of target's target)
Top bar: Titanbar
Actionbars: Dominos (ontop chats)
Minimap: Sexymap (down, center)
Recount (down, left)
Omen (down, right, not really showing)
Cooldowns: Coolline (ontop minimap)
Runes: Magicrunes (ontop Coolline)
Procs, important abilities: Power Auras (ontop Magicrunes, not all procs showing)
Raid: VuhDo (center right)
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new wow UI
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