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 [RP] The dark summoning

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PostSubject: [RP] The dark summoning   Sat Nov 14, 2009 11:28 am

With the war in Northrend raging and the members of the dark order all called north to fight Arthas the great hall had grown quiet and dark with only the ghosts and rats to occupy it. This night tho even the ghosts remained in fearful silence , a cold silence as it seemed the hall itself held its breath. Slowly the doors creaked and opened and in the darkness two green orbs glowed as a soft voice muttered a small incantation , the torches and the great fire in the fireplace roared to life, Lady Shadowsong walked up to the fireplace followed by her servant girl, another dark shadowey shape prowled near the doorway and outside the rasping breath of her felhound could be heard as it prowled around sniffing for any intrusion. She sat in a large wooden chair near the fire as she awaited her servant to prepare wine and a small meal , staring into the flames she wondered again what had drawn her here, for days an icy chill had been her constant companion , far deeper reaching than the cold of Northrend and the image of the great hall had weighed heavy on her mind.

She took the goblet of wine from her servant and lost her gaze to the flames of the fire in front of her "soon" she muttered to herself . As the night grew old and the darkest coldest *witching hour* arrived she knew her wait was over, a movement up in the rafters revealed the black shadowey shapes of two crow like creatures.The two undead birds stared down at her from their perch as she stood and held out both hands , they flew down one alighting on each hand and they stared at each other in silence , two green orbs and four cold dead black ones reading into each others souls. The silence held for what seemed like an eternity for the sleepy servant girl in her chair by the fire and she held her breath watching her Mistress, "it will be done" said the lady sudenly and a slow wicked smile crossed her face as she muttered another incantation and the Storm crows dissapeared in a flash of dark mist, she looked apon the girl and smiled again more softly " sent them home to their master the quick way " a long silence followed " busy yourself girl ! Make great haste to the Undercity and find my dark templars and tell them we have a summoning in Icecrown... NOW GO ".

The girl hastily gathered her pack and bedding together and made to scurry out of the door when the ladys voice cut through the silence once again " if you are found by the enemy die quickly and die quietly"
Back at the fireplace she looked over to the far corner of the hall "you come here " and from the shadows her rogue ,Gratefull stepped out , the lady was scribbling instructions onto a parchment and as she stood and held it out to him she said " the are things i will need for this ritual , and some of them will require killing to be done , i trust this will be to you liking now make haste * His cold dead eyes smiled at her as he vanished into the shadows.
Left alone in the great hall she sighed then all of a sudden laughed, Arthas oh Arthas your days now number few , the Dark Order comes for you
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[RP] The dark summoning
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