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 My path goes on

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PostSubject: My path goes on   Thu Oct 01, 2009 10:09 pm

Noctem... Where would I've been without it? Probably in the red district at Dalaran or something...

Anyways, we all know that Nershaan and Zantix have left upon us (as well as Makhail, Blazeforge, Vingard and the list goes on...) I'm feeling that it's time for me to go, to follow my own path and try to find my place in this virtual universe we call World of Warcraft.

In my search for my place to be, I've stumbled upon Circus - A guild that suites my tastes, non-hardcore raiding yet serious with great chaps. So I'm going to make an application to the guild, maybe I'll be accepted, maybe not. But whatever happens, I've had a lot of fun with you guys and will always be there if you need a dumwit of a warrior waving his little stick at whatever moves like a five year old swinging after a pinjata.

It does hurt a bit, the thought of leaving Noctem - the place I've always been in.. But I feel it's time to move on. Of course, I'll have some alts in it and come to see how you are doing and so on, as well as staying in the NFAF.

Sincerely yours,
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PostSubject: Re: My path goes on   Thu Oct 01, 2009 11:16 pm

Sad to see you go Doru - even tho im not still playing. As spoken to Zal, hard to believe that people played because of 2 people - Noctem will be the same even tho myself and Zan is not there anymore. Personally i think its a premature /gquit - no one knows where the path of Noctem lays atm, so personally i would stay abit longer to see where it leads before concluding anything.

However, as you have already made the post i have to say it has been a great pleasure playing with you, even tho you are in Noctem sense pretty new to the guild. Our time in Arena is highly appreciated, your my first arena partner that made it fun to be in Arena. Not that we're so incredibly epic at what we do - but we're alright, and we try push each other to be better in a friendly manner which made it a nice experience.

The guild "Circus" which you have applied on are one of the two guilds i would reccomend Noctem players joining. I have alot of friends in "Circus", not to say that Grazul went there aswell. They are a nice lot of people with a pretty steady going raiding community, but still keeping it pretty casual.

The other guild i would like to reccomend is "Ferus" which is a guild like Noctem in many ways - nice, cozy, extremely friendly and fun - but keeping a high class of raiding but still fairly casual. You dont have to raid unless your really into it - i also hear they are pretty goofy lot so it would be one of the places i would seek should i ever come back and Noctem no longer exist. I also have alot of my real life friends in "Ferus" Smile

Anyways, above all i appreciate that you made the time to make a desent farewell post to the guild. There is nothing more annoying than a silent /gquit so i thank you for this and wish you the best of what WoW can offer you in return. Keep your head in the NFAF and we might hook up again. In spite of our age difference i find you a very mature and desent young adult, and i have enjoyed our time together in wow Smile

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My path goes on
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