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 guild trade guild

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PostSubject: guild trade guild   Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:00 pm

With my bank alt and my trade skills and a useful addon called auctoioneer and my own guild bank ive been finding gold is really not a problem anymore , ofc im not super rich but i always have more than enough to get by and a few k gold , the only thing i do really is log my bank alt once a day with my morning coffee first thing and buy / sell a bit - usualy herbs to send to to el to make flasks etc , the odd resale ( certain times of the week things are almost half price the it rises back again a few days later )
I know feel quite confoident i have the AH working well in my favour and confident that i could maybe expand it to work for anyone that would like to put a bank alt in my bank guild , the idea being is that i will put forward the starting cash to get mats where and when i can find them cheap and then make use of other peoples trade skills as well as my own to accumulate that extra bit of nice profit , this can then be saved up in the alt GB and shared equally between all of us involved , while being a great way to help people skill up ( yes mid range proffs are fine too -- somethings sell really well and always will that are not WOTLK stuff) it will also be a great way for us as a guild to make some extra income. The guild bank has 2 tabs at the mo and would be open for all to use that join unlimitedly , all i ask is that people have a mature attitude and not expect too much straight away , will take me a few weeks to get my head around how to make best use of other proffessions, i would mainly run it by aquiring lots of mats cheaply and mailing them to people with stuff to make or D/E etc then put it into sell when the prices are relatively high - im more than happy to sink 1 k G into this of my own money to get started which i'll only take back when theres 2 k + in the bank, SO if your up for working as a team and just checking your mail each time you log and if theres mats and a request for say ...... 40 mana pots , just to make them and send them back over for selling then we could make the best use of each others skills as a guild. Obviously there will be a lot of thingas to work out and it will take time but i feel we could ALL do nicely out of this and get better at it --- i must stress too that ALL involved will get EQUAL share of the rewards of this trade guild and yes im happy to do most of the work ( if you can call 20 minutes with a ciggy and a coffee b4 the kids get up in the morning , work )
Lastly the bank tabs will NOT be used for anything involving personal consumption , things are only for crafting , selling etc as we have Noctem GB for that.
I do feel that this idea could really work as long as we all show trust and maturity and initiative , for example if you find a few stacks of infinite dusts or herbs ridiculously cheap in AH , get them , reimburse yourself from the bank and we decide the best way of turning them into something far more profitable.
If people would like to join me on this venture , make a bank alt and i'l invite you to my bank guild, i will put everyones proffessions into their guild tab and we can get this show on the road .. how bout it ? Smile
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PostSubject: Re: guild trade guild   Thu Aug 27, 2009 5:31 am

Sounds like an interesting idea - but, as i dont have time to read it properly i'll do so once im back from school.
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PostSubject: Re: guild trade guild   Sun Sep 06, 2009 8:16 am

Sounds like a good idea... I'll think about joining it with my bank alt Líandrin Smile
I'm quite the banker on my main's realm and it's going pretty smoothly on Scarshield Legion as well, so I should be able to bring in some good $$$ (or €€€.. or GGG). Like you say, all it really takes is some time on your bank alt.
In the past I have also used Auctioneer, but quit when it suddenly became this huge complex addon, and I couldn't even find my favorite feature anymore.. you used to be able to find heavily underpriced items with one click, I made lots of gold by buying and reselling that stuff (If you have figured out if this feature still exists in Auctioneer *somewhere*, please enlighten me!).
Nowadays I use Auctionator which is a small and easy addon which just remembers your prices and compares the stuff in the AH at that moment, and sets the price for you. On this realm I make most money by selling herbs and reselling items bought from vendors. Those vendor items actually work really well here, there are for example some cooking recipes I buy for 4s at the vendor, and then resell for 8-10G. I've made my first 750G mainly by selling those and the herbs. And then I blew it all on a Dalaran bear mount for Mogh Wink
Right now I'm farming the new raptor pets, which goes relatively easy on this realm. Not many people are after them it seems. Which is also bad in a way, since that also means not many people here are avid pet collectors and they don't sell as well as on other realms. I was pretty frustrated to have to put them in the AH for a couple hundreds, while they sell for thousands on my main's realm hehe. But still, I made around 1400G just by selling two raptor pets after I spent all my money on my mount, so... I shouldn't complain Smile
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PostSubject: Re: guild trade guild   

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guild trade guild
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